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How does "My Favorite Page" work?

On each game page, you will find a button "Add to favorite"

By clicking this button the game will be automatically added to the list "My Favorites". Bookmark and organize your favorite games in a visual way and discover cool new ones.

My Favorite Page is the perfect way to keep your ultimate directory for the games world.

My Favorites

We like to keep it simple. Add "must-play" games or remove the old ones on this page. With this page, you can smoothly cruise on the huge games highway without wasting valuable time through irrelevant game search results. We do recognize the fact that each user is into different fields of interests and activities. Therefore, you'll have the option of adding your own choice of new favorite games. Our site focuses on enhancing our users' experience, so we keep your preferred games, categories, studios in a cookie on your computer. Please note that your browser must accept cookies to use this feature. Please refer to options and the help in your browser's menu to enable your cookies if they are disabled.

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